The best meeting place in town

You find our home base on the very best location in downtown Rovaniemi. Our pub, restaurant&safari house Lapin Hullu–meaning Crazy Laplander–offers local treats, meals and entertainment to both travellers and locals, which makes this the best meeting place in town.


Did you know that "Lapin Hullu" means either "Crazy Laplander" or crazy about Lapland. Either way, it´s perfect name for our Restaurant.

Lapin Hullu in Koskikatu 6 has got a new cozy look and it´s serving this winter season only on request. It doesn´t matter do you have smaller or bigger group, our Restaurant is suitable for both. We always tailor an event by customers requests and needs so  that everyone can feel like a home while visiting in Lapin Hullu.

Aurora Dinner is available also for smaller groups. Just remember order that beforehand and early enough!

All the requests and extra information from our sales: / 0400 292 132



Enjoy a delicious dinner at the safari house  restaurant Lapin Hullu either after or before your Aurora-excursion. Dinner is served in the upstairs restaurant, where an informative video on Aurora Borealis is displayed. 

Tasty vegetable soup
Lightly smoked salmon with seasonal side dishes
Blueberry parfait

Here you can browse our Auroras Prime Time winter excursions and autumn excursion.

Locally brewed beer

We are happy to serve locally brewed beer. Lapin Panimo re-introduced locally brewed beer to Rovaniemi in 2016 and we were the first to serve it at our bar. 

 Great entertainment

We like to treat our guests to some good music, hilarious stand-up and short theatre plays. A part of the repertoire is in Finnish but especially in the winter time we have international entertainment. 


Pub & Restaurant Lapin Hullu
Koskikatu 6
96100 Rovaniemi
+358 400 292 132