The best meeting place in town

You find our home base on the very best location in downtown Rovaniemi. Our pub, restaurant&safari house Lapin Hullu–meaning Crazy Laplander–offers local treats, meals and entertainment to both travellers and locals, which makes this the best meeting place in town.


Lapin Hullu – the meeting place. The friendly and relaxed atmosphere encourages chatting over the language barriers and finding new friends. Our safari house is the heart of the activity operations, here you get kitted and prepare for our outdoor activities. After the safari you are welcome to stay and chill in the lounge-like pub and restaurant. 

Local treats

The flamed flat breads of Lapin Hullu have become beloved among locals and travellers. No wonder, as they are a perfect snack, starter or small sweet. So what is this flamed delight exactly? Well, it is Lappish flat bread, which has been "kissed" by a gentle flame of fire and then topped with goodies.

Here some samples: 
True to nature: Lappish flamed flat bread with sour cream, onion, smoked reindeer and blue cheese
Vegetarian delight: Lappish flamed flat bread with sour cream, goat cheese and herbs

Sweet winter: Lappish flamed flat bread with vanillacream, apples, raisins and cinnamon
Sweet summer: Lappish flamed flat bread with whipped cream, strawberries and a hint of mint

Locally brewed beer

We are happy to serve locally brewed beer. Lapin Panimo re-introduced locally brewed beer to Rovaniemi in 2016 and we were the first to serve it at our bar. 


Our signature meal is the 3-course Lappish Dinner, which we serve all year around. The main course is served on a wooden plank, Lappish style. 

Menu:      Tasty vegetable soup
                     Lightly smoked salmon with seasonal side dishes
                     Blueberry parfait

When enjoyed before or after one of our Auroras Prime Time excursions, this menu is served while you watch a multimedia presentation on the Northern Lights. You also get a leaflet with tips on how to photograph the Northern Lights with you to the excursion. 

Here you can browse our Auroras Prime Time winter excursions and autumn excursion.

 Great entertainment

We like to treat our guests to some good music, hilarious stand-up and short theatre plays. A part of the repertoire is in Finnish but especially in the winter time we have international entertainment. 

Sunniest in town

Our terrace opens as spring sun is high and there is still some snow around. We are on the sunniest spot of Rovaniemi pedestrian zone  and that is jut the way we like to spend a summer's day. 

River vessel Kemijoen Helmi

Restaurant Lapin Hullu will be catering snacks and menus to River Vessel Kemijoen Helmi, which is re-launched in June 2017. 


Pub & Restaurant Lapin Hullu
Koskikatu 6
96100 Rovaniemi
+358 400 292 132