When staying in the exotic north, it is worth seeking an accommodation in Rovaniemi with a touch of authentic local hospitality. Live like a local with us.


You find hotels everywhere you go, but for sure you did not come to Lapland for the hotels. That is why we like to offer ”be like a local” kind of accommodations in Rovaniemi. In these fully furnished chalets and homes, you live like local;  blending in and getging a feel for everyday life in Rovaniemi.

At Chalet Headquarters, life is high at all times! This house, on the outskirts of Rovaniemi, has all you can wish for: sauna, outdoor hot tub and a generous living lounge. This is the perfect chill-out den for a group of friends.

At Chalet Norva, you enjoy the peace of nature in a high-standard lakeside chalet. This is the dream of every Laplander - a peaceful setting where to retreat with good friends and family. 

At Downtown Home Etelärinne you get a feel of traditional Rovaniemi-living. The house is in a popular residential area and is one of the real "rintamamiestalo", the wooden houses built right after the Second World War. These kind of houses are the ones we feel to be most home-like in Lapland. 

Welcome to stay with us!