Daily & Weekly Departures Summer

Come and experience the magical season of Midnight Sun! In the summertime Rovaniemi is surrounded by water, thanks to its location in the crossing of to great rivers. We take you out on jet ski safaris, river rafting adventures and all the genuine Lappish "must-dos" and "must-sees".

Scenic Rovaniemi Hike

2 hrs. excursion by car and foot
Daily Departure at 14:00

Rovaniemi is surrounded by beautiful nature. The rivers and the rolling hills make up scenery that carries your gaze far away. The summer tobogganing taking you down from Ounasvaara is a highlight of your hike. 

We transfer to the foot of Ounasvaara, Rovaniemi’s home-mountain and urban fell. Ounasvaara is a recreational area with hiking and mountain biking trails, ski-slopes and ski-jumping area in the wintertime. We start from the foot of the mountain and take the ski lift to the top. On the top we make a small hike and depending of the direction you choose, there are different stories and sights. There are the ancient shores of Ancylus Lake, which covered most of Scandinavia after the ice age. There is a landscape tower offering great and photogenic views towards Rovaniemi town. And there is a myriad of forest trails taking to be discovered! 

After the hike we take the summer toboggan slope down to the starting point. The toboggan slope is 750 m long and its height difference is 110 m. The toboggans run in a steel pipe and they also have breaks. 

NB! In case of rain the tobogganing slope will be closed and the excursion moved to the next day. 


75,00 € / adult
38,00 € / child (4-14 years)


- transfers from accommodations in Ounasvaara and Santa Claus Village 
- ski-lift and summer tobogganing (1 round)
- guided excursion according to program description and given information

Season: June-August


All daily departures are available throughout the summer season, 1.6.2019 – 31.8.2019, or due to prevailing weather and flood conditions. Daily Departures are operated for min 2 persons paying the adult fare (2 persons / snowmobile). Private excursions are available for min 8 persons (adult fare).

The jet skis and you as the driver or passenger are covered by our insurance. The self-liability on damage of jet skis is max. 1 000 € / jet ski.

All Daily Departures include pick-up service from all accommodations in Santa Claus Village and Ounasvaara. From city centre hotels, the guests are asked to walk to us. We will inform you on the pick up time, which is 30-45 min before departure time, depending on the location of the accommodation. For jet ski safaris and river rafting your will get appropriate gear. For other excursions, please, wear outdoor clothes and shoes with a good sole.

The duration of the actual excursion is the time mentioned in the excursion. The total duration is app. 45-60 minutes longer than the given time, as we transfer and equip you. Every safari starts with instructions on driving and safety.

Children travel as passengers on the jet skis and in the river rafts (age limit 5 yrs.).

Arctic Lifestyle reserves the right to change the price, program, inclusions and duration of each excursion, due to weather conditions and unexpected occurrences.

 Excursion specific information:

Arctic Wildlife Park:  The duration of the actual safari, the time we transfer from Rovaniemi to Ranua (app. 1hr / one-way), visit the Wildlife Park and return to Rovaniemi, is the time mentioned in the excursion. The total duration is app. 45 minutes longer than the given time.

River cruises on M/S Kemijoen Helmi: the departure is either city centre marina (Valtakatu 48) or the Pohjanhovi jetty (Koskikatu 1). No pick-up service for the cruises.

 Private departures:

All excursions are available as private for the price of min 6 adults (2 persons / jet ski -fare applies on safaris).


Requests and bookings are to be made in writing to info@arcticlifestyle.fi / sales@arcticlifestyle.fi at the latest 16:00 Finnish time with at least 24 hrs. to start of the excursion.

Office telephone number: +358 (0)50 343 91 00

Requests are replied to with reservation information, due to availability. The booking is not confirmed before both parties agree so.


Reservation is released automatically unless confirmed until the given deadline.

Payment can be done by bank transfer (invoicing) or credit card.

100% of the total is due 21 days prior to arrival.


Cancellation inquiries must be submitted to Arctic Lifestyle on info@arcticlifestyle.fi / sales@arcticlifestyle.fi within office hours in Finland (8.00-17.00). Cancellations are always due to approval of Arctic Lifestyle and its suppliers.

 Further commercial terms in a separate attachment. Terms & Conditions are dependent on if the booking is a package, safari only or tailored product.

 Arctic Lifestyle reserves the right to change prices according to changes in supplied services, taxation or unforeseen events.